Poor Possum!

I found a half-drowned baby possum in my yard this morning. I put out a bucket to collect the run-off from the AC unit. I use the water for the flowers bed. Apparently the possum was thirsty, fell in and couldn’t get out. His nose was just barely above water-level and he was the most pathetic sight, once I got over the shock of looking in and seeing him staring up. He’s about toddler-sized. I frequently watch as he and his mom make their way from the field behind out house, down the side yard and out to the front yard where they spend the evening doing God knows what. It’s a good arrangement. I don’t bother them and I make certain the dog keeps her distance and the possums mind their own business, too.

Anyhoo, I got my dog back into the house and went back out, gently laid the bucket on its side and hid around the corner of the house. It took the little thing several full minutes to reorient. He was shaking badly and had difficulty walking, probably worn out from the effort to keep his head above water most of the night. He eventually made his way the short distance to the line of bushes that run along our side fence. It’s well mulched with plenty of shade to hide from the heat and wait for his mom (I hope). I’ll be keeping an eye out for the neighbor’s cats.

Sorry, no pictures. He’d had enough trauma, I think.


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