Forever Odd: Book of the week

In my on-going effort to get caught up on my massive to-read list, I’ve instituted a schedule of at least one book a week. I’m enjoying simply reading again and have decided to start posting the titles here. This week’s book was Dean Koontz’ Forever Odd. I read this one’s predecessor as well, Odd Thomas. I highly recommend both books.

I read a lot of books: mysteries, science fiction, non-fiction, literature, classics, poetry. Koontz is the type of writer I read when I need a good story with great characters and no b.s. He’s a straightforward writer: he presents with a hook (in this case, a fry cook who sees dead people) and delivers characters you quickly come to care about, a storyline that drives relentlessly forward without going over the top, and, ever so often, he even slips in a bit of wisdom through the back door.

The Odd series now contains a total of four books, all available in Kindle and audio formats. The two remaining books are in my to-be-read pile. I think I’ll save them for a bit as something to look forward to.


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