The Doorbell Rang – Rex Stout

The Doorbell Rang I had this one laying about the house for at least a decade and finally got around to reading it. My first Nero Wolf, if you can believe it. Someone mentioned on 4 Mystery Addicts that the book that plays a lead roll in The Doorbell Rang, The FBI Nobody Knows, is, apparently, an actual book. I wonder if Stout fielded any heat about that, because the book is obviously damning to the FBI. I can’t believe J. Edgar took it lying down. Anyhoo, I enjoyed the plot, loved the snappy dialogue. Loved the character of Archie. He can ring my doorbell anytime.

Downside? Thanks to this book, I’ve officially added lots more books to my To Be Read stack… And why aren’t Stout’s books available on the Kindle!? Scandalous!


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