Rex Stout: Fer-de-Lance

Rex Stout: Fer-de-LanceFer-de-Lance marks the debut of Nero Wolfe, but there is no stumbling here. Like Athena, he seems to pop forth fully formed from the brain of Zeus. The scene where Wolfe tries to comprehend golf in 60 seconds or less was priceless. I love the humor and the spunk of the Wolfe mysteries. They’ve just got their own sensibility and you really feel like you’ve just walked into Stout’s world and he’s winking off-stage saying, enjoy, don’t you wish you could live here? I do, indeed. I have a goal of reading/re-reading every Nero Wolfe story at least once before I die. And Kindle, eReader, Fictionwise, etc, need to get off their duffs and get these in e-format. I’ve been slurping up Stout’s omnibuses (is that a word?) as fast as I can find them. My grandfather once upon a time had several Nero Wolfe novels way high up on his bookshelf, but I was way too young back then to appreciate them. ::attempting to kick self — not a pretty sight:: Youth is wasted on the young.


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