Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription by William F Buckley Jr

Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription: Notes and Asides from National Review by William F. Buckley Jr.

Page 33:

Could we send a reporter to see you to find out how God feels about a number of other things? For instance, does He smile on our Westchester Weekly? This would be very important for our marketing people to know. We have a number of other important questions to put to God about people and products He favors. Please let me know when all this can be arranged.
Abe [Rosenthal], Executive Editor The New York Times

Dear Abe: I have a feeling the Lord will take care of the New York Times on the eighth day. If in the meantime He weighs in more specifically, I shall pass along the information, always provided that what the Lord believes is fit to print.
Yours cordially,


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