Once Were Cops by Ken Bruen

Page 33:

He fell to the floor, moaning, and I gave him another wallop to the side of the head, not to knock him out but to focus him.


Once Were Cops by Ken Bruen

Page 77:

Dylan had come to Galway when I was a Guard, and I pulled crowd control. Beautiful sunny July day and no trouble. What I remember is this wizened gnome, crunched in on himself, singing in a croaked twisted voice. The crowd loved him, he was sixty and he had a charisma, small as he was, a kind of radiance, and after, when we were escorting him to his car, he mumbled something that only later I realized was … thanks. You know, that impressed me more than his whole concert.

Once Were Cops – Ken Bruen

Once Were CopsThis is my first Ken Bruen. I enjoyed the style: stark noir, without all the description. A number of scenes packed a real emotional whallop and surprised me, considering I was reading about characters for who I had no empathy whatsoever. My take is that Shea, Rodriguez and Kebar were all serial killers; Rodriguez and Kebar operated within the cover of the job whereas Shea didn’t bother. Rodriguez killed Nora just to mess with Shea’s head. I think Rodriguez is without doubt the most dangerous and unstoppable of the three: a sociopath who blends. Anybody read Martha Stout’s The Sociopath Next Door? I’ve worked with people like that. No, I’m not in law enforcement–I’m in the automotive industry. LOL! Despite popular fiction, not all sociopaths kill; some enjoy other methods of decimating people’s lives and enjoy watching them grieve their losses. And when sociopaths realize they’ve been recognized it can get a little eerie…

The ending felt somehow oddly rushed, however. I can’t explain why, but it just felt it was simply, suddenly, over.If it were film, I’d chalk it up to the studio planning a franchise. Still, recommended.