Tom McRae’s Karaoke Soul – son…

Tom McRae’s Karaoke Soul – song of the day.


Bob Dylan: Ballad of Frankie L…

Bob Dylan: Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
song of the day

Drive-By Truckers: Loaded Gun …

Drive-By Truckers: Loaded Gun in the Closet
song of the day

Flaming Lips: Mr. Ambulance Driver

Mr. Ambulance Driver by Flaming Lips – song of the day

They Might Be Giants: Birdhous…

They Might Be Giants: Birdhouse in Your Soul – song of the day

Peter Gabriel: Washing of the …

Peter Gabriel: Washing of the Water
song of the day

Aretha Franklin’s Respect: song of the day

song of the day: Aretha Franklin’s Respect.

working. Grieving over the Ast…

working. Grieving over the Astros.

On vacation, getting caught up…

On vacation, getting caught up on life, watching Law & Order reruns.

Congratulations, David C!

David Cook’s the man!

A tough season with very tough competition, especially in the final three and yet he came through with grace and great style. Can’t wait for the first album, David!

Now, maybe you can afford a decent haircut… ;p


TV is bubblegum for the eyes. –Frank Lloyd Wright