An Interview with George Pelecanos

The Way Home by George PelecanosAmazon’s Omnivoracious has an interview and a video with George Pelecanos.

I’m tempted to post it here, but I don’t believe in ripping off other folk’s blogs. Even corporate blogs. But just for something to think about while you click and wait for the page to refresh, here’s a quote:

We lock up more people in this country than any other civilized country in the world, and it doesn’t do anybody any good. So what I’d like to see also is a reform of this drug war that is just destroyed neighborhoods and families all over the country, and decriminalization and legalization of marijuana would help. It’s crazy to put kids in jail and adults in jail for marijuana use when you can drink all the alcohol you want and go out and beat your wife up or wreck your car, kill somebody on the highway.

The politicians need to stop being so cowardly and do what they know is right because they all came from the same generation I did.

I’m not sure about the legalization of marijuana; maybe it would help, maybe it wouldn’t. But politicians growing a set would turn this country around in a heart beat. Man. Imagine.