No, I Don’t Want to Join a Book Club

No, I Don't Want to Join a Book Club Kindle editionContinuing with my goal of a book a week:

Last week’s book was: The Design of Sites by Duyne, Landay and Hong. Okay, granted it’s required reading for a class, it was still worth the read. Great ideas and insight if you’re developing websites.

This week’s read was Virginia Ironside’s No , I Don’t Want to Join a Book Club

Imagine Bridget Jones as a Golden Girl and you have the gist of it. Can woman who swung a few out of the park in London’s Swingin’ Sixties find happiness in her “golden years”? Our protagonist is not content to follow the lead of her contemporaries and quietly retire to bridge clubs and pining over “neglectful” children.

She’s not a curmudgeon. She’s opinionated, and still has the gall to believe that her opinion matters even if she is sixty. I like people with a spine. They’re such a rarity these days.



Literary incidents

Ronald Colman's Sydney CartonFrom the Stuff that Never Happened Dept: On August 15, 1792, Charles Darnay leaves England for Paris. Bad move, Chuck… (Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities)

Forever Odd: Book of the week

In my on-going effort to get caught up on my massive to-read list, I’ve instituted a schedule of at least one book a week. I’m enjoying simply reading again and have decided to start posting the titles here. This week’s book was Dean Koontz’ Forever Odd. I read this one’s predecessor as well, Odd Thomas. I highly recommend both books.

I read a lot of books: mysteries, science fiction, non-fiction, literature, classics, poetry. Koontz is the type of writer I read when I need a good story with great characters and no b.s. He’s a straightforward writer: he presents with a hook (in this case, a fry cook who sees dead people) and delivers characters you quickly come to care about, a storyline that drives relentlessly forward without going over the top, and, ever so often, he even slips in a bit of wisdom through the back door.

The Odd series now contains a total of four books, all available in Kindle and audio formats. The two remaining books are in my to-be-read pile. I think I’ll save them for a bit as something to look forward to.