Donald Harstad: The Big Thaw

The Big ThawAs I noted, Harstad’s Eleven Days was excellent, but The Big Thaw blew me away. I was reading out of order again, rushing to beat a library deadline, and there were some references to a previous book, but nothing I couldn’t follow. Plenty of spoilers for the missed book, though. Oh, well. My bad. I like Harstad’s world. It’s a world in which forensics are costly and labs are backed up. You know: reality. Not like CSI Las Vegas or Miami or Whereverthehell, where you work in a glass-walled lab and have more high-tech equipment than NASA. And where the lab techs are all deputized to interrogate prisoners and take an active part in the investigations. Pu-leeze.

But I digress. This novel didn’t have the gore of Eleven Days and felt a bit more action-oriented. Not like Bruce Willis action-oriented, but you get the gist. This time out, Harstad’s crew was up against the FBI and a team of home grown terrorists. Good character development and good procedural. Did I mention I really like this author? OK. I’ll stop gushing.